About Ginny Elder

I believe that creativity and the Christian walk for the artist fall into all areas of your life--cooking, raising children, how you view a movie, or how you decorate your house. It all reflects what you believe is true and lovely in Christ. I endeavor in my artwork to show the beauty that is present all around us. I have entitled the tree series “the tree of life” series--this name was coined by a friend. It reminds me of the earth and nature speaking to the glory of God. There are constant spiritual truths in God’s creation that point us to Him who created it--the vine and the branches(John 15:5), birds of the air, lilies of the fields (Matthew 6:26), and lastly, all nature groans for His return (Romans 8:22). The growth, life, and spiritual direction that you see in God’s creation speaks to who God is and who we are in His order of things.

My pieces consist of different styles. One is a deals with abstracts. The other paintings are done on reclaimed Tennessee wood, allowing for texture and looseness to be felt. Another involves loose brushstrokes giving an implied feel of whimsy. And lastly there are paintings with layer upon layer of paint, giving the feel of age and years of different activities going on in one painting, sort of like an old wall in an old house with layers of wallpaper and paint thrown upon it.

I have found such great satisfaction bringing all of these to life. They are all my “children” and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.