Ruthe's Flowers

An 11 x14 painting painted on a 3/4 inch deep canvas. It is painted in acrylic. This painting was painted with a palette knife, giving it a loose feel. It is layered with color but has a bold feel. Each flower brings a new color to celebrate the grouping. 

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  • Nashville Skyline

    The Nashville series is one of Ginny's most loved series. She started this series because of her love for her city. She wanted to show the colorful culture of Nashville and the festive feel that you experience if you are down on Broadway. Nashville is alive with culture and music and art.

  • Blue Abstract

    Ginny painted this painting using fun blues, as she was in a "blue mood." She loves abstracts and loves the freedom that an abstract painting gives her. This painting is 16 x 20 on a 3/4 inch canvas, unframed. She loves the drips because it gives a loose feeling to the work.

  • Red Barn

    It is representing the many beautiful landscapes in her state of Tennessee. This one is a red barn set on layered hills. She adds decoupage patterns to the piece to draw the eye to detail and gives it a particular feel. It has a touch of realism and a stylized feel all in one.

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This painting was painted at Oak Island, North Carolina in a loose style. It is framed in a light wood frame.It is 17 x 20 on a 3/4 inch deep canvas. The painting has a painterly feel giving it movement. The colors show a strong bright day on the beach. It is one of Ginny's favorites!

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